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Our leaf & herbal products are hand harvested.

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Has benefits for reducing stomach and intestinal problems, anti-oxidant properties, digestive aids, acne, zit, and eczema treatment, menstrual cramp relief, ovarian cancer treatment, immune system boosts, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Simply Natural / 100 % Organic Caffeine Free Papaya & Ginger Root Herbal Tea (Anti Malaria, Fever Reducer)

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Papaya leaf and ginger root tea possesses a multitude of health benefits, thereby making this drink a good herbal supplement. Papaya contains 50+ nutrients including Vitamins A, C, E and B17, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, as well as the enzyme papain. There are many more powerful benefits linked to this herb as well. A few benefits of ginger root include: anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, blood thinner, cold/flu relief, reduces blood pressure, PMS & menstrual cramp relief, and headache relief. When working in conjunction, papaya leaf and ginger root can better serve to improve gastrointestinal health, offer menstrual cramp relief, and reduce travel/motion sickness & nausea.

Papaya Leaf

Scientific names: Carica papaya 

Common names: Papaya is also known as pawpaw and melon tree. 

Video: ‘Wonders of Papaya Leaves’ 

What Are the Benefits of Papaya Leaf Tea? 

This natural health drink contains 50+ nutrients including Vitamins A, C, E and B17, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, as well as the enzyme papain. Because papaya leaf tea contains many beneficial components, drinking this tea can serve to treat various ailments.

Cancer - Papaya leaf tea might prove effective as a cancer preventative and treatment, according to a study published in the February 2010 issue of the "Journal of Ethnopharmacology." In the tissue culture study, papaya leaf tea reduced inflammation and activated immune system toxic effects toward cancer cells, inhibited tumor cell growth and stimulated genes that modulate the immune system's anti-tumor effects. The researchers concluded that the results of their preliminary study indicate the immune-modulating properties of papaya leaf tea may prove to be useful in treatment and prevention of diseases, including cancer, allergies and serve as a component in some vaccines.   

One of the more exciting bits of news about papaya is that studies show that its leaves, when made into an infusion (tea), are effective in preventing malaria.

Ulcer - Papaya leaf tea protected against gastric ulcers in a study on laboratory animals published in the September 2008 issue of the "West Indian Medical Journal." In the study, papaya leaf extract reduced ulcer severity and showed strong antioxidant effects. Papaya leaf extract also decreased oxidized lipids and increased antioxidant activity within red blood cells. Researchers concluded from this preliminary study that papaya leaf tea shows potential for the treatment of gastric ulcer and oxidative stress on the stomach. 

Gluten Digestion - The enzyme papain in papaya leaves assists in the digestion of proteins and is useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders, according to the book "The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body." Papaya leaf tea can alleviate heartburn discomfort and is an appetite stimulant. Papaya leaf tea may also help digest the wheat protein gluten, which is difficult for some people to digest and causes an autoimmune condition known as celiac disease. 

Dewormer/parasite remover -Papaya leaf has certain properties that aid in the elimination of intestinal parasites when taken regularly in the morning on an empty stomach. 

Some additional benefits of papaya leaf tea include

 • Reduces gastrointestinal issues (constipation, bowel disorders) 

 • Digestive aid (e.g. carbohydrate, protein, wheat gluten breakdown) 

 • Appetite enhancer 

 • Effective against dengue fever 

 • Acne, zit, and eczema treatment 

 • May provide relief from menstrual cramps

 • Anti-oxidant 

 • Enhances the production of Th1-type cytokines, molecules that have a role in regulating the immune system of the body. 


The enzyme papain in papaya leaf has been known to cause allergic reactions in some people, according to a study published in the September 2008 issue of the journal "Ugeskrift for Laeger." The report documented a breakout of allergic symptoms in 10 out of 22 employees at a research laboratory who were exposed to papain dust. The workers developed symptoms of itchy eyes and runny nose. Improved hygienic conditions and proper ventilation solved the problem.

• Papaya is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in foods. 

• Papaya is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth as medicine.

• Papaya is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in large amounts. 

• Papaya is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy. Do not take papaya by mouth in medicinal amounts if you are pregnant. There is some evidence that unprocessed papain, one of the chemicals found in papaya, might poison the fetus or cause birth defects. Not enough is known about the safety of papaya during breast-feeding. It is best to avoid taking it in amounts higher than normal food amounts. 


Historically, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. In herbal medicine, ginger is regarded as an excellent carminative (a substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and intestinal spasmolytic (a substance which relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract). Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and direct anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginger root is well known as a remedy for travel sickness, nausea and indigestion. It is a warming remedy, ideal for boosting the circulation, lowering high blood pressure and keeping the blood thin in higher doses. 

Ginger is anti-viral and makes a warming cold and flu remedy. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb and there has been much recent interest in its use for joint problems. If a person has exercised too much or suffers from arthritis or rheumatism, ginger has been known to ease inflammation of the joints and muscle tissue. Due to its tremendous circulation-increasing qualities, ginger is thought to improve the complexion.

It has reduced nervousness, eased tendonitis, and helped sore throats return to normal. Studies demonstrate that ginger can lower cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol absorption in the blood and liver. It may also aid in preventing internal blood clots.

Some possible benefits of Organic Ginger Root powder/ tea include: 

 ● Reducing indigestion & gastrointestinal problems such as gas & stomach cramps 

 ● Topical gingerol provides protection against UVB-induced skin disorders 

 ● Combating joint problems caused by inflammation 

 ● Aids in prevention of internal blood clots 

 ● Reducing headaches 

 ● Lymph-cleansing properties 

 ● Easing tendonitis 

 ● Supporting kidney health 

 ● Colon cleansing benefits as well as reducing colon spasms & cramps 

 ● Combating cardiovascular disease

 ● Stimulating production of digestive juices

 ● Improving bowel disorders 

 ● May reduce TIA’s (mini strokes) 

 ● Therapeutic properties for hypertension

 ● Anti-viral & antimicrobial (kills bacteria - including salmonella) - internally & topically as an antiseptic

 ● Help to eliminate congestion 

 ● Killing parasites & their eggs because it contains zingibain 

 ● Combating alopecia (Spot Baldness) 

 ● Reducing sore throat pain & irritation when made into tea

 ● Inhibits production of cytokines, which cause pain & swelling 

 ● Combating chills & fever 

 ● Inhibiting 5-LO enzymes, the only food for prostate cancer cells

 ● Contains Gingerol & 6-shogaol which may be helpful for certain types of cancer

 ● Reducing frequency of migraine headaches 

 ● Combats peptic ulcer disease & preventing the formation of new ulcers 

 ● Help with epileptic seizures 

 ● Help reduce coughs & bronchitis

 ● Anti-vomiting properties even for severe nausea (hyperemesis gravidum)

 ● Combating heart disease 

 ● Potent perspiration-inducing action that is quite effective in cleansing the system of toxins 

 ● Reducing cholesterol absorption in the blood & liver

 ● Combats loss of appetite 

 ● Reducing vertigo 

 ● Warming properties for entire body

 ● Provides antiseptic qualities 

 ● Supports healthy blood sugar levels 

 ● Reducing fevers, colds, & flu through its anti-viral properties 

 ● Increasing immune function 

 ● Reducing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) including cramps & bloating 

 ● Fighting osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis 

 ● Suppressing helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)

 ● Possibly help suppressing cellular mutation

 ● Mild constipation relief qualities 

 ● Improving circulation 

 ● Decreasing inflammation in muscle tissue caused by over exertion

 ● Combating irritable bowel syndrome 

 ● Reducing toothaches 

 ● Decreasing dyspepsia (bloating, heartburn, flatulence)

 ● Reducing travel & motion sickness & nausea when combined with papaya 


Quality: Our teas are 100% free from pesticides and chemicals. They are naturally grown & never fumigated or irradiated, and are hand picked & naturally dried.

PreparationServed hot or iced, Papaya leaf and Ginger root tea is a refreshing accompaniment to many different types of cuisine, or a proper health tonic in its own right. Recommended to take with honey instead of sugar. Papaya leaf and Ginger Root tea is safe to drink but is not recommended in large quantity for women who are pregnant or nursing. Please contact your physician if you feel you have any serious problems that may require professional treatment.

Recommended Adult Intake: 1 - 2 Servings Per Day

Ingredients: Organic Ginger Root, Papaya Leaf

NOTE: Herbal teas with roots require longer steeping times than teas containing light, delicate blossoms or leaves. Therefore, we recommend using 1 tea bag per 6 - 8 oz. of boiling water (approx. 200 F) and steeping 5 to 10 minutes. Use 2 tea bags if a stronger brew is desired.

This provides a better tasting brew while repeated infusions allow you to extract all the nutritional and medicinal benefits from the herb. 

Herbal teas can be brewed in porcelain, ceramic, glass, or stainless steel but never in aluminum or other harmful materials. Be sure to cover the cup or teapot while steeping to prevent the loss of fragrant essential oils and other therapeutic and nutritional elements.

Shelf Life: Our products will maintain their freshness and integrity for up to 18 months after purchase. Store in a cool dark place to ensure full shelf life.

Disclaimer: The herbal information on this web site is intended for educational purposes only. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. The information on this web site is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or ailment. The seller assumes no responsibility for any adverse reactions from the use of any products and no employees will be liable for no reason what so ever under any circumstances brought forth by any law or legal proceedings. As with most supplements please consult your doctor before use, especially if you are PREGNANT, NURSING, OR HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION.